All visitors are kindly informed that the Bioparco has begun a restructuring project of all its catering facilities.Hence there will not be food and beverage availability on the zoo premises until further notice. We apologize for the inconvenience.

The Bioparco is among the largest and oldest Zoological Gardens in Italy. Its main objective is to contribute to general public and school education on a broad range of environmental issues.

Apart from animals that have been confiscated by the authorities due to illegal possession, all the zoo’s animals were born in captivity or acquired from international exchanges between zoological structures committed to the conservation of endangered species.

The ancient concept of a zoo, where rare animals were collected based on the belief that all they needed was feeding, has been superseded by a new structure actively involved in:

environmental education
through the organisation of exhibitions and meetings and the development of environmental education activities for the general public and schools of all types and levels;

conservation of endangered species
through participation in European Endangered Species breeding programmes (EEP) and in international fundraising and public awareness campaigns;

scientific research
aimed at increasing knowledge of the zoo’s animals and their wellbeing.

Per effetto del Decreto Legge del 13 marzo 2021 il parco è chiuso.