Zoos worldwide are responsible for ensuring that the animals they host are able to live in an environment that fully respects their behavioural and physiological needs, thus allowing the animals to fulfil their role in conservation as reserve populations and true and proper ambassadors of wildlife.

The Bioparco is not a circus; no humiliating animal shows go on here and animals cannot be fed by the public

Flash photography is prohibited, and so is shouting or knocking on the enclosures to catch the attention of a monkey or hippopotamus.

The real thrill here is to spot a lion in the vegetation and then observe it and follow its behaviour whilst it feeds or interacts with its similar. You will not always be lucky enough to spot one.

This is no museum and animals rightly have the possibility of hiding or keeping away from an often annoying public. This is the modern vision of a zoological garden on which the Bioparco is founded.


Informiamo i gentili visitatori che il Bioparco ha avviato il progetto di ristrutturazione dei punti ristoro al fine di garantire un servizio migliore, pertanto i suddetti resteranno temporaneamente chiusi.
Ci scusiamo per il disagio