All visitors are kindly informed that the Bioparco has begun a restructuring project of all its catering facilities.Hence there will not be food and beverage availability on the zoo premises until further notice. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Many visitors like to feed the animals, but this can harm their health and may in fact be lethal to them! Animals at the Bioparco follow a specific and closely monitored diet, prepared and varied according to the season and physiology of each species.

Different animals have different nutritional requirements; some animals can digest certain substances easily, but have problems with other substances.

Candies, bread and peanuts are not foods available to the animals in the wild and may therefore be harmful to them even though their curiosity often leads them to accept anything they are offered.


Oggi il Bioparco chiuderà alle ore 16:00. Ultimo ingresso ore 15:00.
Today the Bioparco will close at 4 pm. Last entrance at 3 pm.