The Bioparco for the conservation of Sumatran tigers

Also known as 21st Century Tiger, the WildCats Conservation Alliance is a partnership between the Zoological Society of London and the Dreamworld Wildlife Foundation that works for the conservation of tigers and leopards in the regions of China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Sumatra, Bhutan, Nepal, Russia, Bangladesh and India.

The projects carried out are of various kind and are aimed at reducing illegal trade, poaching or at building solid practical partnerships between local and national governments, religious leaders and forest communities.

Other projects are aimed at creating intact habitat corridors in the middle of industrial areas to ensure the survival of tigers or to create a network of local forest rangers to investigate and deter wildlife crime and encourage good relations between the local population and the police.

Other objectives are the collection of data on the state of tigers and leopards, their prey and their natural habitat through the use of cameras and satellite images.

Moreover, the Bioparco participates in the European captive breeding programme of the Sumatran tiger which, together with other international programmes, contributes to guaranteeing a stock of animals useful for the re-population of any natural areas, should it be necessary.

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