Adopt an animal

Adopt an animal and support our commitment to wildlife conservation.
Make a difference too!

The Bioparco hosts about 1300 animals of 200 different species; ensuring their well-being is our main goal. Adopt an animal at the Bioparco to help us in the daily care of animals followed with passion and professionalism by the staff of the zoological and veterinary sector.
Feeding animals, for example, is a fundamental aspect of managing a park and diets are prepared and differentiated according to the season and in relation to the needs of individuals.

Adopt an animal at the Bioparco and with your donation you will help us to take care of your favourite animal by contributing to the expenses for daily food, care and supporting conservation projects in nature.

Can you imagine a world without animals?

 A world without giraffes, hippos, lions, fish, or crocodiles? We can’t!

What species can you adopt ?

Chimpanzees, giraffes, elephants, tigers and other animals are some of the species you can adopt. They are symbolic species, ambassadors of natural environments that are slowly disappearing.

Adopt an animal at the Bioparco: your help is essential!


Do you want to make a different and original present but you don’t know what? Give an adoption as a present!
Adopt an animal at the Bioparco: it’s an original gift idea for birthdays, holidays or special occasions.

You will also help raise awareness of those around you.


  • You are adopting the species and not the individual animal, because many animals are included in breeding programmes and can be transferred to other facilities
  • The Bioparco is like a large community; the animals can get ill or grow old and die
  • The same species can be adopted by more than one parent
  • The adoption lasts 1 year and is not binding
  • The animals remain property of the Bioparco, and they are cared for by the zoological staff.


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