Visiting Rules

Visiting the park is an opportunity to get to know, understand and respect the environment around us.

Currently a “Green Pass” is not required to access the park.

A “Green Pass” is not required to access indoor spaces (Reptile house, Laboratory or classrooms). The use of a face mask use is recommended.

For safety and animal welfare we ask you to respect the following rules: 

  • our animals have a balanced diet to follow so don’t feed them
  • jumping over the fences could be dangerous for you and for the animals;
  • screaming, shouting or making loud noises disturbs the animals;
  • you cannot enter with balloons, balls, skateboards, bicycles, scooters, roller skates and shoes with wheels;
  • only guide dogs are admitted to the park
  • avoid banging on exhibit glasses or fences;
  • don’t throw any objects at animals;
  • the Reptile House and other areas cannot be visited with baby strollers, nor will you be able to board the Bioparco Express with strollers. Please use the unsupervised parking area available.

There is no luggage storage available at the park.